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January 06 2015



eArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki

all wikiseArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki - all wikis all-wikis-feed [en]

The list of wikis in the eArt-wiki-hive with a home page in the eArt-list-wiki.


  1. de-eArt-Sand-wiki, try out eArt-wiki in German
    →  eArt-Listen-wiki - de-eArt-Sand-wiki [de]
  2. de-eArt-Zentrum-wiki, German
    → eArt-Listen-wiki - de-eArt-Zentrum-wiki [de]
  3. eArt-list-wiki, aggregates the eArt-wikis for all languages
    → eArt-list-wiki - eArt-list-wiki [en]
  4. eArt-wiki-hive, the multilingual main wiki
    → eArt-list-wiki - eArt-wiki-hive [de]+[en]+[fr]+
  5. en-eArt-center-wiki, English
    → eArt-list-wiki - en-eArt-center-wiki [en]
  6. en-eArt-empty-wiki, copy templates for the basic page structure over to a newly created eArt-wiki
    → eArt-list-wiki - en-eArt-empty-wiki [en]
  7. en-eArt-sand-wiki, try out eArt-wiki in English
    → eArt-list-wiki - en-eArt-sand-wiki [en]
  8. fr-eArt-centre-wiki, French
    → eArt-liste-wiki - fr-eArt-centre-wiki [fr]
  9. fr-eArt-wiki-à-sable, try out eArt-wiki in French
    → eArt-liste-wiki - fr-eArt-wiki-à-sable [fr]

other wikis:

  1. Arhipelag-wiki, a group of artists and a contemporary arts festival in Slovenia
    → eArt-list-wiki - Arhipelag-wiki [en]
  2. chain-video-wiki, commonly create chain-videos
    → eArt-list-wiki - chain-video-wiki [en]
  3. harmonica-wiki, inhale, exhale
    → eArt-list-wiki - harmonica-wiki [en]+[xx]+
  4. Jürgen-Paas-wiki, the painter and sculpturer Jürgen Paas
    → eArt-Listen-wiki - Jürgen-Paas-wiki [de]
  5. Kettenvideo-wiki, commonly create chain-videos
    → eArt-Listen-wiki - Kettenvideo-wiki [de]
  6. Lichtenberg-Studios-wiki, an artist-in-residence program in Berlin-Lichtenberg
    → eArt-Listen-wiki - Lichtenberg-Studios-wiki [de]
  7. love-letter-wiki, publish love letters
    → eArt-list-wiki - love-letter-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  8. Peinlich-wiki, likely about the novel Peinlich by Mattis Manzel
    → eArt-Listen-wiki - Peinlich-wiki [de]
  9. pussy-riot-wiki, pussy riot
    → eArt-list-wiki - pussy-riot-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  10. Solitude-wiki, an international artist-in-residence program in Germany
    → eArt-list-wiki - Solitude-wiki [en]
  11. tap-dancing-wiki, about tap
    → eArt-list-wiki - tap-dancing-wiki [en]
  12. wiki-Woodstock, the geek’s repetitive online-happening for everybody
    → eArt-list-wiki - wiki-Woodstock [en]

The pages all xxx aggregate the wikis in the eArt-wiki-hive.

aggregations of main pages:

aggregations of day-page-sets:

aggregations of search queries:

about the latest modification

Mattis Manzel:
Added the harmonica-wiki.

September 20 2014


May 23 2014


March 01 2014


February 25 2014


February 06 2014



eArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki

eArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki - wiki-net wiki-net-feed [en]

wiki-net wiki-net

machine code block

who help who help

wiki-net pages for the main pages:

wiki-net changes wiki-net changes

wiki-net feeds complete wiki-net feeds complete

wiki-net soups wiki-net soups

wiki-net pages for the day-page-sets:

wiki-net day-page-sets wiki-net day-page-sets

wiki-net faces wiki-net faces

wiki-net hints wiki-net hints

wiki-net local names wiki-net local names

wiki-net talk wiki-net talk

wiki-net tings wiki-net tings

wiki-net wiki ideas wiki-net wiki ideas

wiki-net pages for the search queries:

wiki-net groups wiki-net groups

wiki-net Mµs wiki-net Mµs

end machine code block
about the latest modification

Mattis Manzel:
Added the section for the wiki-net hints and the wiki-net local names. Added numerous neighboring pages.


February 04 2014



eArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki

eArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki - face face-feed [en]+[xx]-

face face

major …

A major brush-up aligned the eArt-list-wiki - it had been lagging a bit behind - with the other list wikis in the wiki-net:

Major tech problems in the wiki-net were solved only short ago by splitting up local names into shared ones and local ones btw. :)



GooglePlusPageEArtListWiki - http://eartwiki.org/hive...
the page for the eArt-list-wiki on google plus - EArtListWiki


GooglePlusEArtListWiki - http://eartwiki.org/hive...
the user account for the eArt-list-wiki on google plus - EArtListWiki


FaceBookEArtListWiki - http://eartwiki.org/hive...
the user account for the eArt-list-wiki on facebook - EArtListWiki


FaceBookPageEArtListWiki - http://eartwiki.org/hive...
the facebook page for the eArt-list-wiki - EArtListWiki

February 03 2014



eArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki

eArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki - talk talk-feed [en]

talk talk

a few user accounts

Mattis Manzel:
I created a few user accounts for connected web-services.


February 02 2014



eArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki

eArt-wiki-hive - eArt-list-wiki - hive idea hive-idea-feed [de]•[en]•[fr]•

hive idea hive idea

[de] Die Idee hinter dem eArt-wiki-Nest ist es, ein wiki-Nest zur Verfügung zu stellen für wikis, die (elektronische) Kunst sind oder die über Kunst sind. Sieh dir die Nachbarschaft auf der Seite alle wikis an, bitte.
[en] The idea behind the eArt-wiki-hive is to provide a wiki-hive for wikis that are (electronic) art or that are about art. See the neighborhood on the page all wikis, please.
[fr] L’idée dernière de la ruche-eArt-wiki c’est de fournier une ruche-wiki pour des wikis qui sont art (electonique) ou qui son sur l’art. Vois les voisins sur la page tous les wikis, svp.

[de] Alle Ideen hinter den wikis im eArt-wiki-Nest zeigt die Seite alle wiki Ideen.
[en] See all ideas behind the wikis in the eArt-wiki-hive on the page all wiki ideas.
[fr] Voyez toutes les idées dernière les wikis dans la ruche-eArt-wiki sur la page toutes les idées wiki.

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